Fairwinds Wastewater Treatment Facility

St. Lucie County  |   November 2012

Infrastructure expansion. Economic growth. Better flight times. It’s amazing what we can turn wastewater into.

When it comes to improving infrastructure, having a plan for handling the increased wastewater is critical. St. Lucie County understands that very well, as expansion of operations at the Treasure Coast International Airport and Business Park hit a snag due to evaluating and permitting a re-rating of the Fairwinds Wastewater Treatment Facility. After other engineering consultants failed to deliver, Jones Edmunds got the nod to run the project. But time was running out.

Around here, rising to the occasion is a team effort. That means engineers coming together and supporting one another to get the job done. And get it done fast, efficiently and cost-effectively. Our quick turnaround not only gave the people of St. Lucie a wastewater plant with double capacity, it set the stage for the airport and commerce center to steadily grow for the next 20 years. While other firms are all about landing the project, at Jones Edmunds it’s our aim to see it take off.