Kennedy Space Center Stormwater Study

NASA  |   June 2017

A few small steps for the Kennedy Space Center.
One giant leap for their stormwater management.

It’s the launching pad to places like the moon, Jupiter and Mars, but NASA’s Kennedy Space Center faced yet another endeavor. Only this time, the objective wasn’t millions of miles away, it was within walking distance. In addition to NASA being tasked with running America’s space program, they also feel greatly responsible for the local area surrounding Kennedy Space Center. Its mission was in case of a hurricane, prevent the site from flooding and keep any pollutants out of the local water supply. Jones Edmunds gladly stepped up to the challenge.

When taking on a potential hurricane it helps to have enough data to fill a Saturn 5 rocket. Using aerial and topographic information, previous stormwater models, GIS data and field site visits, we created a massive Geodatabase. This information helped us develop a hydrologic and hydraulic model for the 75-mile square area, which led to conceptual designs that addressed the sections where flooding was most prevalent. And yielded a plan for NASA to comply with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. With Jones Edmunds on the team, the improvements to the Kennedy Space Center were a big step in the right direction. It could even be called a gigantic leap forward.