Reedy Creek Solid Waste Transfer Station

Reedy Creek Energy Services  |   September 2014

The Magical Kingdom Meets the Magic of Waste Management

Disney came to us with a problem. Their solid waste transfer station, responsible for moving hundreds of tons of waste per day, was beginning to show its age. For a theme park ripe with stomach-shaking rides and multicultural foods, proper waste management is vital in preventing “the Happiest Place on Earth” from becoming the most odorous. We jumped at the opportunity to work with the iconic company and design a waste transfer station worthy of a host of magical characters and millions of tourists.

Partnering with Wharton-Smith as a Design-Build team, we assessed a vacant site in the Reedy Creek South Service Area as the perfect location for our 12,000 sq ft transfer facility. With concentration worthy of an imagineer, we designed the new facility and obtained permitted through the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the South Florida Water Management District. In addition to the facility itself, we designed the necessary surrounding infrastructure: a 6,600-square-foot office and maintenance building, associated parking, circulation roadways, vehicle storage, and utilities. We’re proud to play our part in keeping Orlando’s epicenter of happiness running smoothly for generations to come.