Reedy Creek Solid Waste

Disney’s new Reedy Creek has zero annual tourists. Yet it serves millions of park goers.

What happens when a solid waste transfer station, responsible for moving hundreds of tons of refuse per day, begins to show its age? To answer that question, Walt Disney World contacted Jones Edmunds. For a theme park that produces over 300,000 tons of waste annually, proper waste management is essential to keeping “the Happiest Place on Earth” also one of the cleanest. We jumped at the opportunity to work with the iconic company and design a waste transfer station worthy of a host of magical characters and millions of tourists.

To do so, we began a plan to repurpose an abandoned 6-acre site in the Reedy Creek South Service Area, one of Disney’s industrial zones. This site was oddly-shaped for its intended purpose, so to bring our plan to life we collaborated with Disney for an innovative site layout solution. We created a sustainable waste management campus with 6,600 square-foot centralized waste management operational headquarters and fleet maintenance facility, 12,000 square-foot waste transfer building, state-of-the-art truck scales, flexible fleet vehicle circulation and storage areas, and associated utilities, stormwater, and environmental management systems. Above all, we’re proud to play our part in keeping Orlando’s epicenter of happiness running smoothly for generations to come.