St. Johns County Asset Management Program

St. Johns County  |   June 2017

Our asset management system proves there’s more than one way to fill a pothole.

Once a quiet rural county in Florida, St. Johns County experienced a population surge in the 1980s, which mean more paved roads, more traffic lights, and more neighborhoods. You name it – it was growing and developing, fast. With the exception of their asset management process, which was paper-based and struggling mightily to keep up. That translated to public works jobs getting buried in a mountain of paperwork. For a remedy they contacted Jones Edmunds.

While we didn’t use a shovel and asphalt, we were able to patch up the pothole situation, and a whole host of other areas that ranged from traffic signs to turtle nests, by taking their current Cityworks program and expanding upon it. With implementation within their utility department, St. Johns Country went from a reactionary approach to one that was proactive, efficient and fast. So now if a pothole happens to spring up, the public works team will too.

Watch the Cityworks video here to learn more about St. Johns County.

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