Celebrating Engineers Week

In recognition of the 70th annual Engineers Week this week, we have taken a moment to recognize a few of our engineers for their many contributions to making the world a better place and learn what inspired them to pursue an engineering career.

Ever since Project Engineer Matt O’Brien was a child, he’s always had a passion for making connections and helping things move, so it only follows that he loves working on challenging transportation projects in our Civil Engineering Discipline. He finds this work very rewarding, especially when a finished product is constructed and used by the community every day.

One project that speaks to Matt’s expertise is the design of the Shuttle Landing Facility at Kennedy Space Center to re-purpose the area as a functioning Spaceport. What makes this multi-year design project unique is how the connectivity of roads brought together many stakeholders.

We also heard from CEI Senior Project Engineer Stephen Haney of JEACES (Jones Edmunds’ subsidiary firm) about what inspired him to become an engineer and what he is most proud of during his 20+ year career with the company.

Suzi Kaufman, Senior Manager for our GIS and Water Resources Discipline, amusingly recalled that for her, “it started with my love of being able to do math homework in high school with music on – I couldn’t do that with other subjects.” She has always loved math and science and feeling satisfied to solve problems that have definite answers. Greenpeace was also an inspiration, leading her to know since she was a kid that she wanted to work in a field where the state of the environment was forefront.

After working with Jones Edmunds since 2004, Suzi now looks back on her career and can take pride in the many ways she has been able to use her experience and how it’s all built upon itself to take her to where she is now – working closely with the asset management and GIS teams. She can also look back on projects and the communities she has served and be proud that she is doing what that she always wanted to do.