David Yonge Represents Jones Edmunds at AGWT with Presentation on ASR-2

David Yonge, PhD, PE represented Jones Edmunds at the American Groundwater Trust (AGWT) Managing Florida Aquifer Conference in Orlando. David, with Susan Hochuli, PE from the City of Bradenton and Pete Larkin, PG with ASRus, presented on the City’s potable water Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR-2) system.

The City uses the ASR-2 system to offset dry season reservoir withdrawals by capturing the excess surface water flowing over the Braden River spillway during the wet season. This allows the City to not only manage their seasonal supply, but to operate their water treatment plant at a steady rate year-round. The presentation included an update on the degasification tower and overall ASR-2 system performance including water quality trends.