Moon Shot Success!

On Tuesday, July 7, Jones Edmunds received the exciting news that we have been selected to continue to serve NASA as one of their On-Board A/E Consultants for Civil/Environmental Services. This is a 5-year contract and one we have held since 1996. Historically, our contract has been primarily focused on serving Kennedy Space Center (KSC). This new contract will support NASA Centers agency-wide. We are looking forward to the opportunity to take our specialized experience and expertise to other NASA Centers.

“Winning the next 5-year contract as NASA’s Civil Engineering Consultant is an honor and I am very grateful. Our people’s commitment to our core values shows and providing NASA with highly responsive service and quality projects has made this possible. It is exciting to be a part of NASA’s team launching SLS to the moon!,” said Kim Rivera, Environmental Design Department Manager.

With an office in Titusville, Jones Edmunds is literally in KSC’s “backyard.” Many of our Associates have now spent the majority of their careers supporting NASA and its mission. Jones Edmunds has nearly three decades of spaceport experience including over 350 civil infrastructure, new facility, and deconstruction projects at KSC, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Patrick Air Force Base, and Vandenberg Air Force Base. Our NASA experience includes planning, design, permitting and construction support for spaceflight assembly, launch and landing facilities, utility infrastructure, coastal resiliency, transportation, and environmental protection projects. Our broad knowledge of many KSC utilities and facilities systems will provide a solid foundation as we expand to working for other NASA facilities throughout the country.