Another First for the NRSWA: Landfill Methane to Renewable Natural Gas

The New River Solid Waste Association (NRSWA) recently signed a 20-year contract agreement with Fortistar to beneficially use landfill gas generated at the New River Regional Landfill (NRRL) in Raiford, Florida. NRSWA has been interested in gas-to-energy projects for nearly 10 years, and this project represents the first of its kind in Florida. The project will convert landfill gas into pipeline-quality natural gas that will be injected into a pipeline at the NRRL for distribution and sale as renewable natural gas. NRSWA Executive Director, Perry Kent said, “We are excited about partnering with Fortistar on this important and industry-leading project. This will be the first project to convert gas from a municipal solid waste landfill to RNG in Florida and we are happy we are able to lead the way. New River has always worked to manage solid waste in a sustainable way and this project is one more step toward New River becoming a fully sustainable solid waste treatment facility.” Throughout this process, Jones Edmunds has worked collaboratively with NRSWA and provided technical expertise and support for achieving a project that created an environmentally responsible use of their of landfill gas and was financially beneficial to NRSWA. Jones Edmunds will also provide site civil design for the RNG facility.

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