City of St. Cloud 9-MGD MIEX Water Treatment Plant

Project Description

Jones Edmunds planned, designed, permitted, and provided construction-phase services for a 9-MGD H. Clay Whaley Senior Memorial Water Plant and its associated well field. The WTP treats groundwater with magnetic ion exchange (MIEX¨) treatment technology. This method removes dissolved organic carbon in the raw water, followed by pH adjustment and deep-bubble aeration, resin-polishing filters, disinfection, fluoridation, and two 1-MG ground storage tanks before distribution. The overall system included H2S removal using a combination of ion exchange to remove bisulfide and deep-bubble aeration to remove remaining hydrogen sulfide. We used a unique magnetite media (magnetic) filter to capture resin fines from the MIEX process. The project also included design and permitting three new water supply wells (3 MGD each) and 4,000 feet of pipelines used to convey raw water from the groundwater wellfield through the treatment plant and 6,000 feet of 24-inch-diameter transmission main to supply the City’s potable water distribution system. This project also had the following benefits to the City:

  • Facility removes odor, color, and THM/HAA formation potential from Floridan Aquifer groundwater.
  • Treatment process reduced groundwater chlorine demand by 90%.
  • City’s public water supply system was brought into compliance with EPA Stage I & Stage II disinfection byproduct precursors (DBPs) rules.
  • Facility is energy-efficient by pumping only once to the facility using well pumps and gravity flow through the plant.
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