Alachua County CEI Services

Project Description

Jones Edmunds completed the construction contract administration and full-time resident observations for two construction projects (designed by others) that were bid together as one construction package for Alachua County Public Works. The projects were funded through FDOT and FEMA HMGP and were needed repairs due to damages from Hurricane Irma. The projects were:

  1. Slope stabilization along NW 16th Avenue where the Hogtown Creek was undercutting the road in the middle of Gainesville. The project used gabion baskets to stabilize the slope up to the road and gabion mattresses in the creek bottom to slow erosion and prevent undercutting of the stabilized slope. NW 16th Avenue is an FDOT road, so this project was funded paid by FDOT.
  2. Box culvert bridge replacement on NE 21st Street just north of Gainesville. The hurricane completely destroyed this box culvert so the replacement was funded by FEMA HMGP. This phase included upsizing the box culvert to allow for drastically increased flow through compared to the destroyed bridge.

In addition to providing the County with construction contract administration and resident observation, we also provided Davis-Bacon compliance services as are required in any funding agreement that uses federal monies. The Davis-Bacon compliance services included on-site wage interviews, compiling and verifying for accuracy the contractors wage statements submitted weekly, keeping an on-site project file for review by funding agencies, and leading funding agency review site visits.

Resident Observation services provided by our subsidiary firm JEAces as a subconsultant.

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