City of Clearwater Alligator Creek Channel F Improvements

Project Description

Jones Edmunds provided preliminary and final design plus permitting and construction-observation services for stabilizing an eroding stream channel (Channel F) in the City of Clearwater’s Alligator Creek and bringing the channel’s alignment back into the City’s drainage easement. The City undertook the project in response to long-time complaints from residents about the situation. Jones Edmunds’ specific activities included hydrologic and hydraulic analysis, stormwater design, permitting, and construction services including holding kickoff and final meetings with citizens and other stakeholders, coordinating utilities, obtaining permitting, and overseeing bid services. During the project Jones Edmunds worked with residents to minimize damage to private property during construction and realignment. Since access for heavy equipment was difficult, work took place in the channel itself. Part of the project site intersected the City-County boundary, so we coordinated the two jurisdictions. Other difficult aspects of the project included the need to adjust on site the gabion design of residential roof drains that drained into the channel to accommodate local drainage and to save many large protected trees that had grown along the channel. Although we typically do not recommend channel hardening except as a last resort, this project demonstrates our ability to implement different types of recommended watershed improvements in highly urbanized areas. That knowledge can be applied to future projects to develop designs and cost alternatives that are permittable and constructible.

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