City of Bradenton Aquifer Storage and Recovery Well

Project Description

The Bill Evers Reservoir and associated surface water withdrawal has been successfully serving water to the City of Bradenton since 1948. Jones Edmunds has been working under a master contract with the City of Bradenton since 1948 (through our acquisition of Smith and Gillespie – current contract modified in 1971) and has been responsible for nearly every phase of its design since its inception. More recently, we designed the expansion of the reservoir and 8-MGD surface water treatment plant. Previously, we rerated the permitted capacity of the plant, increasing it 50% to 12 MGD. In part due to MFL constraints of the Braden River, alternatives to the existing supply of the reservoir needed to be evaluated. Part of the solution involves the completed design and future construction of an upland off-stream storage facility adjacent to the City’s water supply reservoir to capture excess flow from the Braden River during the wet season’s high flow periods. Additionally, and as a more cost-effective alternative to the reservoir expansion, we provided design and construction services for an ASR well.

Analysis of the City’s current water supply capacity provided by the reservoir, augmentation well, and recently constructed potable water ASR well and projection of the City’s needs through 2025 show that an additional 2.6 MGD of raw water supply and storage will be needed to carry the City through projected drought periods.

To help mitigate saltwater intrusion, the City has been working closely with the FDEP Underground Injection Control (UIC) group and the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) to permit and cooperatively fund a reclaimed AR well that will allow the recharge of excess reclaimed water during the wet season to the benefit the Southern Water Use Caution Area (SWUCA) Recovery Strategy and Most Impacted Area (MIA). SWFWMD’s goal is to recharge excess freshwater and raise the groundwater level to 13.1 feet to mitigate salt-water intrusion. The City, FDEP, and SWFWMD have worked together to develop an effective water management strategy to meet short- and long-term water needs of the community and the environment.

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