City of Bradenton Reservoir Expansion

Project Description

Jones Edmunds designed the expansion of the City’s 1.4-billion-gallon reservoir in the mid 1980s and an 8-MGD surface water treatment plant in the early 1990s. This project allowed the City to deliver stable finished water during seasonal variations in surface water supply quality. The surface-water treatment plant unit processes include:

  • Powered-activated carbon (PAC)
  • Chemical addition systems (pH adjustment with sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide, ferric sulfate coagulation)
  • Rapid mixing
  • Flocculation
  • Settling
  • Filtration with dual-media filters,
  • Disinfection
  • 1 MG of clearwell capacity
  • A supplemental 14-inch potable groundwater well
  • An operations building,
  • An electrical instrumentation and control systems
  • A high-service pumping facilities with 4 MG of ground storag

In 2006, Jones Edmunds prepared a Water Treatment Plant Rerating Report and Permit Application to increase the permitted capacity of the City’s water treatment plant. As a result, the capacity increased from the existing 8.0-MGD to a proposed 12.0-MGD. The Rerating Report was prepared in accordance with the requirements contained in Chapter 62-555.528 FAC. The new operating permit for the increased 4 MGD of capacity was obtained with only minor modifications required to the facility. The estimated cost for the rerated plant capacity of 12 MGD was $600,000. Most of the upgrade work for new chemical feeders and storage tanks to be completed by the City public works staff. In 2009, Jones Edmunds designed a new disinfection tank for the plant’s water service to meet CT requirements at the increased plant capacity.

Jones Edmunds completed the Phase 1 preliminary engineering report and then provided engineering services for the Phase 2 design of the Bradenton Reservoir Expansion. This project is being executed in accordance with a Southwest Florida Water Management District funding agreement. This project involves the design and construction of an upland off-stream storage facility adjacent to the City of Bradenton’s water supply reservoir. This facility will capture excess flow from the Braden River during the wet season’s high flow periods. Analysis of the City’s current water supply capacity provided by the existing reservoir, augmentation well, plus recently constructed potable water ASR well and projection of the City’s needs through 2025 show that an additional 2.15 MGD of raw water supply and storage to carry the City through drought periods will be needed. The estimated cost for the new storage facilities is $15,750,000.

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