Brevard County South Landfill Expansion – Cell 1

Project Description

Jones Edmunds provided engineering services to design and permit the first cell – approximately 40 acres – of a new 220-acre Class I landfill. Jones Edmunds performed a preliminary engineering study to offer cost-saving options that included evaluating releasing conservation easements, various liner system and leachate collection system configurations, and cell size and location options. We performed stormwater modeling and wetland mitigation analysis for the 220-acre final buildout and the existing slurry wall landfill to obtain an ERP. To maximize landfill capacity and reduce the amount of imported fill required, the new cell’s bottom liner will be constructed up to 10 feet below the groundwater table. We developed a dewatering plan and on-site groundwater recharge specifications and operations that will minimize impact to the adjacent Slurry Wall Landfill. Jones Edmunds also performed a value-engineering study of the design to identify areas that could reduce the capital cost. We helped the County obtain a permit modification based on the value-engineering changes and provided bid-level documents. The $20-million expansion is the first lined landfill for the County.

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