Citrus County SWRWRF Construction Services

Project Description

Jones Edmunds provided services during construction for the construction of the new water reclamation facility in southwest Citrus County. The new facility includes an advanced wastewater treatment plant meeting a 5-5-3 effluent quality to replace the existing WWTF. The new 1.5-MGD AADF 4-stage BNR oxidation ditch system includes secondary clarifiers, disc filters, and chlorine disinfection. The effluent from this facility is currently going to high-rate rapid infiltration basins; however, we are currently designing the infrastructure—high service pump stations, ground storage tank, and pipeline—to provide reclaimed water to an existing 18-hole golf course. The facility construction project included full time resident observation, contract administration services and funding agency documentation support. The project was funded by SWFWMD (including Springs Funding) and an FDEP SRF loan.

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