Citrus County Southwest Regional Water Reclamation Facility

Citrus County Infrastructure project

Project Description

The Southwest Regional Water Reclamation Facility (SWRWRF) was an existing wastewater treatment facility that Citrus County owned and operated. It was located approximately 3 miles east of the Chassahowitzka River, which is an Outstanding Florida Water.

The Chassahowitzka River flows to the Gulf of Mexico and is formed from pristine waters contributed by more than 12 springs. Jones Edmunds completed the planning, permitting, and design phase of an advanced wastewater treatment plant meeting a 5-5-3 effluent quality to replace the existing WRF. Construction began in 2017 and was completed in 2019. A new 1.5-MGD AADF 4-stage BNR oxidation ditch system replaced the current facility. The new system has secondary clarifiers, disc filters, and chlorine disinfection capabilities. Reclaimed water disposes to rapid infiltration basins on the plant site and eventually to the County’s public access reuse system.

Our design addressed the following goals and objectives identified to upgrade the Southwest Regional WRF:

  • Replace aging wastewater treatment facilities with an advanced BNR treatment facilities with increased efficiency of operations
  • Meet Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) and regulatory requirements that require advanced wastewater treatment to reduce nitrogen loadings to springs.
  • Expand the plant capacity to accommodate sewer service area population growth and de-commissioning of septic tanks within the springshed.
  • Reduce demand on groundwater used for irrigation in Citrus County by providing reclaimed water to public access reuse customers including existing golf courses and future residential irrigation systems.
  • Reduce demands on groundwater in the Chassahowitzka Springshed area, which was recently assigned a restrictive Minimum Flows and Levels (MFLs).

Jones Edmunds also prepared a Wastewater Facilities Plan in support of an SRF Construction Loan application. We provided additional support during the application process.

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