Destin Water Users, Inc. Cityworks Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) Implementation

Project Description

Keeping the utility’s infrastructure in top working order has always been a high priority for Destin Water Users, Inc. (DWU). Developing and implementing Cityworks as their AMS has helped them do just that. DWU is a member-owned utility cooperative that serves all of incorporated Destin and portions of unincorporated Okaloosa County. DWU handles the operations of all water, wastewater, and reclaimed water infrastructure for up to 45,000 people. They operate a 6.2-MGD water treatment plant, a 6.0-MGD wastewater treatment plant, 79 lift stations, 678 fire hydrants, and over 2,000 water valves.

DWU identified a need for an AMS and asked Jones Edmunds to establish and implement this AMS using Cityworks Server. Jones Edmunds performed a phased implementation of Cityworks consisting of three installments. Phase I focused on Lift Stations and Warehouse (Inventory); Phase II focused on the Safety Group, Finance Group, and Field Operations; and Phase III focused on Plant Operations and the Laboratory Group. Jones Edmunds also developed a web-based purchase order application that communicated directly with Cityworks Storeroom and SQL Reporting Services.

From enhanced communications and response times to better transparency and accountability, Cityworks is helping improve DWU’s ability to manage their assets and resources. For example, DWU staff are using Cityworks to track their backflow prevention inspections, capturing a potential multi-step pass or fail inspection process and all the associated pertinent information.

The knowledge they are accumulating through their AMS helps DWU make more informed decisions on how to manage their assets.

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