City of Gainesville Duval Regional Stormwater Park

Project Description

Jones Edmunds provided permitting, design, and construction contract documents for the Duval Regional Stormwater Park. This stormwater retrofit project addresses the Newnan’s Lake nutrient TMDL and serves multiple purposes for a Florida Front Porch Community grant. The project provides water quality treatment for approximately 70 acres of existing urban development. The primary treatment component is a 2-acre wet detention pond. A Suntree nutrient separating baffle box pretreats the inflow to the wet detention pond. Treated discharge from the pond rehydrates a downstream wetland impacted by nearby ditching. The 26-acre project area also includes a nature trail and a parking area.

Urban development in the vicinity of this project has redirected the surface water around the site through the existing storm sewer and ditching network. The project includes constructing an interceptor pipe that connects the nearby storm sewer on NE 8th Avenue to the site.

We designed the constructed pond to resemble a natural lake as closely as possible by having shorelines with gently curving forms and varying basin slopes. Native species already on site or that enhance the diversity of existing wetlands populate the littoral zone. The stormwater pond was located to avoid wetlands and minimize the loss of significant trees. In addition, we designed a 2700-foot ADA-compliant nature path with boardwalks spanning existing wetlands and paved sections in uplands. The path traverses the park property through upland forest, over wetlands, and along the wet detention pond. The project received $500,000 of 319(h) grant funding.

Jones Edmunds developed pollutant loading reduction calculations for pre- and post-project conditions with a focus on total phosphorus, which is the pollutant of concern for the Newnan’s Lake. Specifically, a portion of the load reduction can help with redevelopment projects in the watershed. To help administer the load reduction credits, we developed an easy-to-use spreadsheet model that calculates new loads from redevelopment in a manner consistent with the original calculations.

This premiere stormwater design is commonly referenced in the Florida stormwater community. All in all, it demonstrates Jones Edmunds’ ability to combine practical stormwater treatment design elements with multi-use park facilities. This project also received a high level of public support and utilization by the local residents.

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