Charlotte County Enterprise GIS Implementation/GIS Spatial Assessment

Project Description

Jones Edmunds developed a comprehensive geodatabase of Charlotte County Utilities’ (CCU) water, reclaimed water, and wastewater networks. The effort involved geodatabase design and data migration (from AutoCAD and several non-spatial data sources) as well as utility-wide field data collection. The resulting work products also serve as a cornerstone for the County’s asset and work order management system, DataStream. The following steps were required to develop and deploy the CCU water/wastewater (W/WW) geodatabase:

  • Project Initiation and Data Research
  • Geodatabase Design and Development
  • Including conducting Geodatabase Workshops with CCU
  • Migration Plan and Protocol
  • Data Migration
  • Field Data Collection (Sub-Foot GPS) – 19,000 Points
  • Horizontal Adjustment
  • Application Development Feasibility Analysis
  • Including developing a CAD Data-Migration Tool
  • Final Geodatabase Spatial Refinement
  • Including developing a fully connected geometric network
  • Geodatabase Implementation
  • Develop Standard Operating Procedures (Office and Field)
  • Provide Training

Jones Edmunds deployed an Enterprise Geodatabase and provided CCU with the tools and training to further maintain and develop their W/WW data. The developed Standard Operating Procedures provided CCU with a detailed and repeatable approach to continue field data collection efforts along with desktop data integration and editing of Geographic Information System data. The W/WW geodatabase has been integrated with the DataStream product to allow work orders to be issued against W/WW facilities in the geodatabase, resulting in an Enterprise solution for Charlotte County Utilities.

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