Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority Cityworks Server Implementation and Enterprise GIS Services

Project Description

Jones Edmunds was selected to support the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority (FKAA) for a multi-phase Cityworks implementation. The first phase was a utility-wide review of business processes related to GIS and work and asset management, which included discovery meetings with 10 different departments including IT, Finance, Customer Service, and their entire operations group including lift stations, wastewater collection, water distribution, fleet, and water production. FKAA has many disparate systems including their finance and customer service software (Cogsdale), Esri GIS, CCTV, and SCADA. One of the primary outcomes of the review was the need for a Cityworks integration with their Cogsdale to reconcile fixed assets, customers and meter related work orders. Phase 2, a Cityworks implementation for their linear water system, fleet, and customer service, included the Cogsdale integration. Phase 2 also included implementation of an Enterprise GIS that included GIS database re-design, deployment, and configuration to cloud servers on Azure to ensure high availability, including ArcGIS Server and Web Adaptor. Phase 3 includes an implementation of Cityworks for their wastewater and water vertical assets, technical services, engineering, and backflow prevention with integrations with SCADA and Neptune.

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