Polk County Groundwater Recharge Investigation

Project Description

Jones Edmunds conducted a Groundwater Recharge Investigation with Polk County Utilities in the County’s Northeast Regional Utilities Service Area (NERUSA). The project was cooperatively funded by the County and SWFWMD and examined the benefits of using reuse water to indirectly recharge the Floridan Aquifer via rapid infiltration basins (RIBs).

Jones Edmunds conducted extensive desktop and field investigations and developed a subregional groundwater model to better evaluate the effects of recharging the Surficial Aquifer System (SAS) and Upper Florida Aquifer (UFA) and to quantify the additional groundwater that could be available as a result of beneficial recharge of the aquifer system. As a result of this project, the County should have an option for offsetting the potential impact of future groundwater withdrawals and be able to beneficially use 100% of its reclaimed water flows while providing opportunities for developing additional water supplies in an area where water supply options are limited.

The first phase included the preliminary assessment of two sites that included compiling and reviewing available regional and local hydrologic and hydrogeologic information and developing a preliminary groundwater model. The suitability of two sites for aquifer recharge was also investigated. Building on the Preliminary Site Assessment, Jones Edmunds prepared a Detailed Field Investigation Plan that provided guidelines for testing objectives; proposed locations for additional monitoring wells and boring logs; and developed data collection plans, aquifer performance testing (APT) procedures, multi‐electrode electrical resistivity (MER) survey, and load‐testing procedures used in the Detailed Site Assessment.

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