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Project Description

GRU’s wastewater infrastructure, like most systems of its age, has a considerable inflow and infiltration (I&I) problem. The older parts of GRU’s system consist mostly of clay and ductile iron pipe, and these older pipes have been identified as the main culprit with the infiltration problem. Jones Edmunds supported GRU to implement a program to rehabilitate the City’s older wastewater infrastructure. The project included initial video inspection of the antiquated pipes, cleaning the pipes through mechanical cutting or chemical injection, follow-up video inspection of the cleaned pipe and preparation for the lining procedure, lining the pipe using cured-in-place pipe lining technology, and final video inspection of the lined pipe and cutting the liner out at all connections to the newly lined pipe.

The program has already helped to drastically decrease infiltration into the wastewater system. Initial flow measurements from a lift station – and comparing wastewater volumes from before the lining to volumes after the lining – show an almost 40-percent reduction in flow into the station. Due to these excellent initial results, GRU has expanded the program to include lining the lateral lines as well as implementing a manhole-lining program.

Jones Edmunds provided construction administration and full-time construction QA oversight of the pipe rehabilitation program. We are also helping GRU by expanding their Cityworks program for our construction representatives to use in the field to issue work orders directly into their system when we observe issues from the video inspections. The Jones Edmunds team is able to provide all expert services – from our construction team leading the field work, to our wastewater engineers assisting with data evaluation, to our GIS technicians and programmers who are experts with asset management systems such as Cityworks – to help GRU implement an extremely effective program for reducing I&I into their wastewater system.

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