Gainesville Regional Utilities Water and Wastewater/ArcFM Cityworks Implementation

Project Description

Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU) selected Jones Edmunds to conduct a needs/workflow assessment and develop an implementation plan. This implementation plan served as the roadmap to the roll-out of Azteca Cityworks and included database design, data migration, workflow re-engineering, software implementation, and training.

In addition to the existing GIS and work-order data, the GIS-centric database design had numerous considerations to be evaluated. Several independent legacy Oracle databases had to be reconciled and migrated into a common relational database. Subsequent to the enterprise deployment of Cityworks, GRU has gained considerable benefits, including but not limited to a significant reduction of the time associated with entry, analysis, and report generation of service requests and work orders. GRU now plans to make further use of the benefits gained by the Cityworks implementation.  Jones Edmunds worked with GRU to update the initial needs assessment and implementation plan.  GRU has been improving system monitoring, planning, and proactive maintenance by further using Cityworks, saving the utility and its customers money.

Jones Edmunds helped implement an ArcFM 8.2/CityWorks 4.0-based solution for updating and maintaining the GRU Water and Wastewater Facilities Mapping and Work-Order Management Systems, converting existing coverage and hardcopy data to a GeoDatabase.  The project used a single geodatabase to support facilities management software (ArcFM 8.2), work-order management software (Azteca Systems’ CityWorks 4.0), and future applications such as hydraulic modeling.

ArcGIS and ArcFM serve as the principal mapping and data management tools for GRU’s water and wastewater infrastructure.  Existing ArcInfo coverage and hardcopy data were converted to a geodatabase that is administered by ArcSDE within Oracle.  The GDB is available to users of ArcFM and Cityworks to support facility-mapping, work-order, and facility-maintenance functions. We developed custom procedures to enable GRU staff to incorporate as-built data into the GeoDatabase—a process currently contracted out.

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