City of Oldsmar Harbor Palms Infrastructure Improvements

Project Description

The Harbor Palms residential neighborhood consists of 473 homes, and the infrastructure and utilities are estimated to be approximately 40 years old. The PVC water mains were privately constructed and maintained, but later the City took over maintenance responsibilities. The materials used to construct the utilities do not meet City utility design standards; the mains are inadequate in both size and material and are failing.

Many roadways and sidewalks are reaching the end of their useful lives, and some sections are exhibiting major distress from subsurface water damage. Also, the City wishes to evaluate extending reclaimed water services within the development and provide individual service connections to each home.

Jones Edmunds designed new water and reclaimed distribution piping with new individual service connections to replace the existing substandard piping. This included analyzing pressures and flows, upsizing mains to improve flows, upgrading water services within the rights-of-way, and analyzing and repositioning fire hydrants. The sanitary sewer clay pipes and storm sewer pipes were videoed and assessed to identify point repair locations. Sidewalks and roadways were assessed with the goal of abandoning the rear easement pipe and redirecting stormwater to the roadways.

The work included roadway plan production for the multiple roadway rehabilitation techniques. This included pavement evaluations, costing of rehabilitation alternatives, investigating high groundwater concerns, pavement design, and coordination with the client and their operations and maintenance staff. Sidewalks were rehabilitated and/or replaced and brought to ADA standards.

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