City of Clearwater Headworks Evaluation, Design, and Construction-East, Northeast, and Marshall Street Water Reclamation Facilities

Project Description

Jones Edmunds conducted a Headworks Evaluation and Design for the City’s three water reclamation facilities (WRFs) – the East, Northeast, and Marshall Street WRFs. We also provided a scope for construction-administration-phase services for the Headworks Improvements. Services included evaluating system flows, assessing removal efficiencies of the grit system compared with the system’s basis of design, conducting onsite grit sampling and characterization, and evaluating new mechanical fine-screening and dewatering equipment. The recommended grit removal (vortex) and fine-screenings design upgrades (washing, dewatering, and compacting) for each WRF will increase capture efficiency of screenings and grit and reduce operations and maintenance (O&M) costs associated with repairing and cleaning basins. Electrical and control modifications were also performed on the new headworks systems.

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