City of Gainesville Hogtown and Possum Creek

Project Description

Hogtown Creek and Possum Creek are located in a mix of residential and wooded areas in the City of Gainesville. They also accompany picturesque nature trails that are considered some of the top birding spots in the country. The City of Gainesville had a need to design drainage improvements for the Hogtown and Possum Creek crossings at NW 8th Avenue which would restore historical characteristics and functionality of the creek floodplain areas. Despite past cleaning efforts, the Hogtown Creek culvert was repeatedly filling with sediment to the point of almost complete flow blockage. This resulted in the diversion of flow through the floodplain to the Possum Creek culvert. The Possum Creek culvert has a spillway inlet that helps keep the culvert clear of sediment, but the spillway was undergoing structural failure as a result of the increased flows passing through it. Additionally, the NW 8th Avenue roadway altered the natural sheetflow patterns and caused changes to the hydroperiod of the wetland south of the roadway.

Jones Edmunds provided modeling, design, and permitting services for their recommended drainage improvements. The project went from concept to permitting and construction completion within 12 months.

The following objectives were achieved:

  • Minimized capital and maintenance costs associated with erosion and sediment accumulation in the Creeks.
  • Reduced flood risk to the roadway and homes in the area.
  • Minimized environmental impacts to the creeks and adjacent floodplain.

Our multi-component design system along NW 8th Avenue included:

  • Repairing the Possum Creek culvert and modifying the culvert inlet geometry to better promote self-flushing of sediment.
  • Armoring the streambed at the outlet of the Possum Creek culvert.
  • Creating a stabilized inlet and outlet at the Hogtown Creek culvert to facilitate sediment management.
  • Installing up to five cross-culverts across NW 8th Avenue to facilitate flow throughout the floodplain and wetland areas and to provide additional flow capacity under NW 8th Avenue.
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