City of Tavares Lake Frances Sewer Improvements

Project Description

The Lake Frances Estates subdivision was developed in the 1970s. The sewer system was installed in a substandard manner compared to today’s construction standards. Issues of concern included sanitary sewer overflows from lift stations and manholes and in the collection system itself. This has led to sanitary sewer overflows. Gravity pipes were laid at substandard grades and with substandard cover, with some pipes having as little as 18 inches of cover. The City recognized these issues and hired Jones Edmunds to perform a two-phase design to add an additional lift station, replace a majority of the sewer system, specify a CIPP liner for existing mains with proper slope, design and specify specific point repairs, and connect the replaced sewer systems into the existing lift stations including relining these lift stations. Upon completion, all roadways within the neighborhood will be milled and overlaid to provide a new, visually appealing asphalt surface.

We developed a Preliminary Design Recommendations (PDR) for the Lake Frances Estates subdivision. This included gravity sewers, lift stations, manholes, and force mains. The PDR included surveying all gravity sewer manholes throughout the system to confirm pipe configurations, sizes, rim elevations, and inverts. Obtaining this data was necessary to determine pipe flow directions and pipe slopes and to determine where additional flow from outside the neighborhood was being introduced via existing force mains. We also reviewed City videotapes of the sewer system to evaluate the conditions of manholes, sewer mains, and services.

The total Lake Frances Estates project includes the design of one new lift station, improvements to two existing lift stations and 65 manholes, and improvements to 18,164 linear feet of 8-inch and 10-inch-diameter gravity sewer main. Water mains and storm sewers within the areas of sewer replacement will also be upgraded or replaced during construction.

Coordination with residents was critical during the PDR and design phases and will be equally as important during construction. Many of the gravity lines are in backyard easements and hard-to-access areas, so coordination with homeowners was essential. Additionally, the homeowners association had to be involved with decisions. Finally, we also coordinated with FDOT because the gravity sewers have to go through their property that contains a stormwater pond.

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