Brevard County Lamplighter Area Drainage Study and Improvements

Project Description

After Tropical Storm Fay flooded Lamplighter Village, Brevard County took immediate action to lessen the chance of future flooding. Jones Edmunds conducted a study to determine ways to lower the flood stage in the Lamplighter area, part of the M-1 Canal/Crane Creek Watershed in unincorporated Brevard County. Crane Creek discharges to the Indian River Lagoon, but there are interconnections under I-95 to the St. Johns River. The study evaluated alternatives to divert more flow to the St. Johns River, which would also restore some historical flow patterns.

Jones Edmunds then provided engineering services to the Brevard County Natural Resources Management Office as part of the County’s Watershed Management Program for culvert improvements under I-95 at Lamplighter Village in unincorporated Brevard County. The project involved fast-track design and permitting of approximately 200 linear feet of culvert (6-foot-by-6-foot box culvert equivalent) under I-95 to parallel an existing 6-foot-by-6-foot box culvert. The County plans to contract with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and their contractor-who is currently working to widen I-95 in the area of the proposed culvert crossing-for construction.

Our services on this project included designing the culvert improvement, preparing drawings and technical specifications, preparing an emergency request to the St. Johns River Water Management District to install the culvert before permitting, preparing a permit application package for FDOT, and providing technical assistance during the contracting and construction phases.

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