Sarasota County Low-Impact Development Manual

Project Description

Jones Edmunds developed a Low-Impact Development (LID) Manual for Sarasota County. This LID Manual was based partly on successful design ideas from similar manuals around the country and was tailored to the conditions encountered in Sarasota County. The LID Manual includes information on how to evaluate sites for LID practices, as well as details on four LID practices:

  • Detention with biofiltration
  • Pervious pavements
  • Stormwater reuse
  • Greenroof stormwater treatment systems

This project benefits the County in several ways:

  • It helps to streamline the permitting of stormwater projects by providing clearly documented standards and protocols
  • It helps the County save significantly, both in time and money invested on the stormwater management of roadway projects
  • It helps promote sustainable stormwater practices that are environmentally-conscious and sound

While developing the LID Manual, Jones Edmunds incorporated input from a large, involved working group that included various groups within Sarasota County (public and private), SWFWMD, and some nearby communities.

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