Wakulla County Lower Bridge Class III Closure Construction Phase

Project Description

Jones Edmunds assisted Wakulla County with design, permitting, and performing construction phase services for the Lower Bridge Class III Landfill closure. The 5-acre Class III landfill closure design was developed to meet site-specific requirement and includes a clay barrier layer and protective cover. The work included excavation of waste located outside the permitted limits of the landfill and a large amount of re-grading and shaping of the landfill to lessen steep side slope. The design also included stormwater conveyance and gas vents.

The design was developed to minimize closure costs. Due to the relative remoteness of the site the materials of construction had to be carefully considered to make sure that they were locally available to avoid excessive costs. The clay barrier layer was selected in part so that local resources and contractors could be used to perform the work. A local contractor was awarded the project, which helps sustain the local economy.

Construction-phase services included bid phase coordination, construction administration, resident observation, CQA of all liner materials, and FDEP CQA Report preparation.

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