NASA Demolition of FSS/RSS Launch Complex 39B

Project Description

Jones Edmunds provided engineering services for a preliminary engineering report (PER) that investigated options for the design, demolition, and modification of Launch Pad 39B to support the new Constellation Program. Items investigated included concrete surface paving and repair of slopes due to the launch environment, underground catacomb concrete repair, large-diameter pipe demolition, electrical service feeders, LOX/LH2 cross-country pipeline supports, repair of perimeter grating and trenching, structural modifications to steel access platforms, and an assessment of sedimentation in flumes and holding ponds. Each element was analyzed to determine the extent of repairs required and to evaluate repair options. Projects were then prioritized based on the risk of failure, the implementation schedule with respect to Constellation operations, and the relative cost of the remedial action.

After completing the PER, Jones Edmunds performed study and design-phase engineering services to define requirements associated with the demolition of the Rotating Service Structure (RSS) and the Fixed Service Structure (FSS) at Launch Complex Pad 39B to prepare for the conversion from the Shuttle Launch Program to the NASA Constellation Program. Study elements included demolition sequencing, several alternative RSS and FSS demolition options, cost estimates associated with each option, demolition schedules, security and export control restrictions, historic preservation, salvage, and recycling opportunities. The design contract documents consisted of two sets of drawings and specifications – 1) Safing and Disconnect of Systems, and 2) Demolition of the RSS and FSS. The design addressed low- and medium-voltage power, instrumentation and controls, fire alarm, communications, mechanical fluids and gases, hypergolic and cryogenic systems, hazardous materials evaluation, environmental controls and policy, International Traffic and Arms Regulations, opinion of probable costs, programs and future work coordination, structural as-built investigation, and structural repair and refurbishment.

Jones Edmunds also provided technical services during the construction phase of demolition of the FSS and RSS at the Launch Complex Pad 39B. We received, reviewed, and recommended action for construction contract submittals, requests for information (RFIs), and deviations/waivers. We provided engineering expertise and design for all corrective actions and we analyzed test results and procedures. We performed technical reviews of all shop drawings and related documentation to certify that they complied with construction drawings and specifications. We coordinated closely with the NASA system engineer to facilitate communication.  Responsiveness was a key factor of this project — shop drawings were reviewed and processed expeditiously to meet NASA’s timeline. We prepared Engineering Orders (EOs) as needed to correct and/or clarify shop drawings, including the accompanying cost estimates. Following the completion of the construction phase, we certified that environmental components were completed in accordance with the approved permits. Throughout the construction phase, Jones Edmunds provided construction site visits and participated in status meetings as needed to clarify, explain, and/or recommend direction and resolve issues with design drawings. We provided technical assistance and participated in system acceptance tests and final inspections to meet Certificate of Completion requirements and verify that construction met the design intent.

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