Polk County North Central Landfill Bioreactor

Project Description

Jones Edmunds designed and obtained permitting for modifications to the Leachate Management System at the North Central Landfill, including the design of the landfill’s bioreactor system. Jones Edmunds teamed with the University of Florida to design and permit a bioreactor. This will help the County save over $1 million a year on leachate treatment and disposal costs. The County transported all of the leachate from its three facilities to Jacksonville, Lakeland, or Miami for treatment. The goal of the bioreactor is 100% leachate recirculation of the leachate from all three facilities with the only cost of leachate hauling/treatment to be the cost of hauling the leachate from the Southeast or Northeast Landfills to the North Central Landfill. Since operation began, approximately 19 million gallons of leachate have been recirculated.

The project specifically includes designing the bioreactor system of pumps, force mains, recirculation hydrants, and headers and a Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) system for operating and retrieving data from the system. Not only does the SCADA system allow the County staff to see how the pumping and delivery systems are functioning from the office, but it also allows the operator to change the pumping regime from the office and produces the FDEP-required reports.

Jones Edmunds provided the following bidding and construction-phase services on the project:

  • Resident observation
  • Shop drawing review
  • Pay request review
  • Processing of change orders
  • Processing of requests for additional information
  • Conducting construction meetings
  • Reviewing submittals
  • Preparing FDEP-required monthly progress reports
  • Certifying construction-completion reports
  • Providing startup and training services after construction
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