St. Johns County Odor Control at Six Mile Master Pump Station

Project Description

Jones Edmunds designed and provided construction-phase services for a two-stage, biological absorption/adsorption odor control system for the Six Mile Master Pump Station. The system included an RFP vessel, nozzles, two independent stages of inorganic treatment media, moisture controls, nutrient supply system, air supply fan, interconnecting ducting, and all necessary accessories. The biological treatment stages used an inorganic expanded clay media to facilitate absorption and adsorption of odor compounds.

The first stage operated with an independently controlled irrigation system to maintain optimum wetted conditions to support microbial growth for biological destruction of the odorous compounds and removal of toxic metabolites. The designed airflow rate capacity of the system is 1400 cfm. The County’s existing SCADA system was modified to incorporate the new facilities associated with the odor control system.

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