Pinellas County Keller Water Treatment Facility

Project Description

For the last 60 years, the Keller Water Treatment plant has served Pinellas County. It was beginning to show its age, and the fear was a hurricane, or blackout or brownout could shut it down, which would deprive 900,000 Floridians of potable water. Jones Edmunds was selected to help with the transition to a newer system. Jones Edmunds provided planning, design, permitting, and construction phase services to construct a new high-service/transfer pumping station capable of distributing 55 million gallons of water a day and upgrade the chemical feed facility. The project included adding a new hydraulic surge-control station and emergency water supply bypass station, as well as a new control building rated for a Category V hurricane. The project also assisted in the County’s overall plan to mitigate the annual flushing water required to maintain water quality. Electrical capital costs were reduced with medium voltage pumps, switchgear, and an emergency generator. Overall, the project saved the county $1 million.

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