City of Plant City Reclaimed Water Main Sanitary Sewage Force Main and Potable Water Main Improvements

Project Description

Jones Edmunds provided the detailed design, prepared contract documents, obtained permitting, and provided limited construction-phase services for installing a Reclaimed Water Transmission Main (RCWM) and a Sanitary Sewage Force Main from the City’s wastewater treatment plant on Victoria Street to Cherry Street.

The project involved preparing construction plans and specifications for two large-diameter parallel pipelines, along with roadway improvements, selected potable water main replacements, and future RCWM connection stub-outs. Specifically, the RCWM provided a source of reclaimed water from an existing RCW high-service pump station discharge pipe at the treatment plant to Wilder Road.

Jones Edmunds’ services included:

  • 16,600 feet of 24-inch reclaimed water main
  • 12,600 feet of 20-inch sewage force main
  • 2,000 feet of 12-inch potable water main
  • FDOT permitting
  • Roadway reconstruction of over 4,000 feet of Cherry Street
  • CSX railroad permitting
  • Stakeholder communication and involvement

The job included furnishing and installing the new pipe, valves, fittings, connections, and crossings; excavating, backfilling, and compacting; testing; re-paving; and disposal and restoration in accordance with the project plans and City of Plant City specifications. The pipelines were installed along rights-of-way and in most locations required restoring the entire roadway to the original grade and dimensions. In some areas minor roadway and drainage flow improvements were accomplished as part of revised restoration activities.

Jones Edmunds was also responsible for project permits, including a crossing of active CSX railroad lines and required permits, including SWFWMD, Hillsborough County Health Department, and FDEP. We also coordinated with and installed pipeline in conjunction with an ongoing FDOT roadway-widening project, requiring FDOT permitting. The route of the pipelines mainly traversed residential and commercial areas, which required close communication with the public. Pipeline tie-ins required close coordination with Hillsborough County Community College at one terminus and the City of Plant City’s wastewater treatment plant at the origin of the project.

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