SFWMD Lakeside STA Gopher Tortoise Relocation

Project Description

Jones Edmunds conducted gopher tortoise survey, permitting, and relocation services for the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) Lakeside Ranch Stormwater Treatment Area project that comprises over 1,200 acres. Jones Edmunds also completed extensive vegetation and tortoise surveys for the SFWMD Hickory Hammock and Ft. Basinger recipient sites. We prepared and submitted two separate gopher tortoise relocation (Conservation) and a Long-Term Recipient Site permit application to the FWC and obtained permits. The Ft. Basinger site is SFWMD’s first gopher tortoise recipient site. Burrowing owls, bald eagles, and Sherman’s fox squirrels were also documented on-site by Jones Edmunds scientists. Jones Edmunds conducted several pre-construction 100% tortoise surveys of the site, assisted with and supervised the backhoe excavation of over 300 burrows, and transported and released over 150 tortoises to the SFWMD Hickory Hammock or the Brahma Island Recipient Site. We generated a Final Report which summarized the surveys, permitting, and relocation activities at this site.

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