NASA Space Commerce Way

Project Description

This project consisted of designing approximately 2.5 miles of four-lane roadway with associated signalization and stormwater management. Space Commerce Way is west of Kennedy Parkway and connects Kennedy Parkway south of Ransom Road to NASA Parkway just west of the Visitor Center. The roadway provides access for non-badged persons traveling from North Merritt Island to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center as well as to Titusville.

Jones Edmunds also designed, permitted, and provided construction services for a freshwater marsh created from an abandoned citrus grove that provided low wildlife and ecological value. Design of the freshwater marsh included elevations for three wetland communities, slope design, a vegetation planting plan, a remedial plan, and a monitoring plan. Several design elements were added to increase wildlife habitat, including deep and shallow zones, upland islands, hydrologic connections to adjacent water bodies, and snags for bird roosting. The wetland has undergone 3 years of post-construction monitoring. These monitoring events have demonstrated that wildlife use is high as evidenced by continual observations of fish, alligators, turtles, and various wading birds.

Jones Edmunds also provided technical services during the construction of Space Commerce Way. The work included associated wetland mitigation construction and bidding services. Mitigation design included supervising, implementing, and monitoring a 2-acre created freshwater marsh and creation of a 56-acre saltwater marsh at the Kennedy Space Center to compensate for wetland impacts associated with the construction of the roadway. A critical design element was to develop a created wetland area that would not become dominated by Brazilian pepper. Jones Edmunds developed design criteria for the mitigation site by documenting vegetation, soils, and hydrology in an adjacent wetland, as well as wetlands dominated by Brazilian pepper. In addition, we helped NASA restore a 56-acre saltwater marsh that had been degraded from a mosquito impoundment.

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