Town of Melbourne Beach Stormwater Drainage Improvements

Project Description

Jones Edmunds provided engineering, stormwater modeling, permitting, and construction-phase services for multiple stormwater drainage improvement projects for the Town of Melbourne Beach. The goal of the drainage improvement projects was to reduce flooding in the target basins. The improvement projects involved installing baffle boxes, bioretention systems, numerous swales, and flood improvement elements for the beachside community.

The highlight of the project was the Sunset Boulevard Bioretention Park. The improvements consisted of regrading Sunset Boulevard to drain to the median, constructing approximately 1,080 LF of planted bioretention swales in the Sunset Boulevard median between Pine Street and Riverside Drive, constructing shallow grassed swales outside the drive lanes between Pine Street and Riverside Drive, and constructing six curb inlets and approximately 780 LF of new culvert. No overflow from the system was observed in October 2011 when a tropical system dropped more than 8 inches of rainfall.

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