Volusia County DeLeon Springs Wastewater Feasibility Study

Project Description

Under the 2016 Florida Springs and Aquifer Protection Act, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) is required to adopt septic system remediation plans for OFSs where FDEP has determined that upgrading or eliminating septic systems is necessary to achieve nutrient water-quality objectives. DeLeon Spring is one of 31 Outstanding Florida Springs (OFSs) established in 2016 and one of three established in Volusia County.

Jones Edmunds is preparing the Wastewater Treatment Feasibility Analysis Report (FAR), a grant-funded project intended to accelerate development of information essential to implementing an effective septic system remediation plan. Jones Edmunds personnel provided review and input to FDEP on the elements of the funding program. Key elements of the FAR are inventorying septic systems, assessing wastewater capacity and infrastructure, determining infrastructure upgrades, providing public outreach and education, and evaluating cost-effective projects and financing options.

As part of the Public Outreach program, Jones Edmunds worked with the County and the DeLeon Springs Community Association, a local community partner, to hold a public meeting to share information about the requirements of the Florida Springs and Aquifer Protection Act and gain feedback and insights into the concerns of the public. We established education stations for initial discussion with meeting attendees and then walked through a presentation and held a question and answer session. Meeting attendees were asked to complete a survey in order to gather additional feedback on the perspective of area residents and businesses.

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