Walton County Transfer Station

Project Description

Walton County’s existing transfer station needed to be replaced because it was not ideally designed for this purpose and was nearing the end of its useful life. In addition, the existing facility was not well located on the County’s solid waste management site with respect to future solid waste management needs of the County.

Jones Edmunds worked closely with County staff to develop a Concept Plan for a new solid waste transfer station in concert with the County’s longer term goals and objectives for solid waste management. To provide more efficient management of solid waste by the County, Jones Edmunds developed recommendations for a more effective transfer station design and optimum location for the facility on the County’s solid waste management site. We prepared a detailed report that assessed the sizing needs for the new facility, evaluated three site location options and associated costs, and provided schematic drawings of the proposed site plans and the proposed building plan and elevations. Based on regulatory requirements, good engineering design, and input from County staff, Jones Edmunds incorporated the proposed design elements for the facilities including vehicle access and routing, operational needs such as breakroom and bathroom facilities, leachate collection and management, truck scale requirements, provision for electric power, access roadway and inbound scale facility, site paving and grading, building design to accommodate future expansion of the facility, stormwater management, provision for fire protection, extra trailer parking, and communication capabilities to other site facilities. The Concept Plan was presented to the County and draft format for review and comment. Upon discussion of County comments, the Concept Plan was finalized and approved by the County.

Following completion of the site Concept Plan, Jones Edmunds developed preliminary design documents for the civil site work and building architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and structural design for the Solid Waste Transfer Station Facility. The structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design elements were prepared by subconsultant McVeigh and Mangum, and the architectural design was prepared by subconsultant WMB-ROI. Jones Edmunds also coordinated the preparation of site survey and geotechnical investigations through subconsultants for the project. Jones Edmunds worked with local City utilities providers to assess and provide for water and sewer service requirements for the facility. The work products consisted of construction drawings and technical specifications to the level necessary to prepare FDEP permit application packages consisting of Solid Waste Processing Facility Permit Application and Environmental Resources Permit Application for submittal to FDEP. Jones Edmunds coordinated reapplication meetings for both permits and coordinated with County staff. Both FDEP permits were received with minimal comments from the reviewers. We also prepared the FDEP water and sewer service connection permits, coordinating these applications and final design details with the City.

Upon confirmation of approved permit applications, Jones Edmunds developed Construction Bid Documents that include complete design drawings and specifications for Bidding and Construction. We worked with County procurement staff to develop the final bid documents for use in the bidding process.

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