City of High Springs Wastewater Collection System Design and Construction

Project Description

Jones Edmunds prepared a preliminary design report and feasibility study for a new wastewater collection, treatment, and disposal system for the City of High Springs. This system will eliminate the City’s reliance on failing septic tanks and private package-type wastewater treatment plants. The report included analyses of operating, maintenance, and debt service costs for the business service area and full-service area. Jones Edmunds evaluated numerous collection, treatment, and disposal options. We also evaluated funding alternatives for the City, such as U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development grants and loans, Community Development Block Grants, Suwannee River Water Management District Grants, corporate grants, and other state and local grant sources.

The construction cost estimates were $3.6 million for the proposed business-area system and $10.9 million for the full-service area system. Construction of the system was projected to take 10 years, or 2 years per phase. We evaluated alternatives such as including a conventional gravity-collection system, a vacuum-collection system, a low-pressure-collection system, a nitrification/denitrification wastewater treatment system, sprayfield effluent disposal, and effluent reuse options. Jones Edmunds completed the final design and construction services of the wastewater collection system, treatment plant, and effluent disposal system. The new wastewater system consists of a low-pressure sewer system, a master transfer pump station with force main, a 0.240-MGD wastewater treatment plant, and a 0.240-MGD restricted public-access sprayfield. We are providing design and construction-engineering services for expanding the wastewater collection and disposal system. The expansion included the low-pressure collection system installed in 2005 and the restricted public-access sprayfield.

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