City of Newberry Wastewater Facilities Plan

Project Description

Jones Edmunds prepared a Facility Plan for the City’s proposed water reclamation facility expansion in accordance with FAC 62-503. This supports the State Revolving Fund Program and will serve as the Preliminary Engineering Report for future FDEP permitting services. The Facilities Plan provides descriptions, preliminary design information, and proposed locations for multiple treatment components that comprise the WRF. This includes preliminary and secondary treatment, disinfection, land application, residuals treatment, flow measurement, sampling and recording, and internal pumping stations.

Furthermore, Jones Edmunds will provide the preliminary site layout, prepare an opinion of probable construction costs for location options, and prepare a schedule for final design and construction. We presented a summary of our findings and the Facilities Plan to the City Commission and detailed our recommended wastewater treatment plan.

In addition, we prepared and submitted a revised Request for Inclusion to FDEP to enable the City to obtain a new preconstruction loan. We also submitted an application for a construction loan to cover construction capital costs and engineering construction services.

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