City of Bradenton Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion and Improvements

Project Description

The City of Bradenton needed to expand and improve its existing plant and provide reliable treatment capacity for continued residential and commercial development within the plant’s service area. Jones Edmunds provided design and construction-phase services to expand the plant to provide capacity for a build-out service population of 67,840 or approximately 9.0-MGD 3-month average daily flow (TMADF).

Expanding and improving the WWTP included the following:

  • Modifying the inlet structure to include new influent flow metering, odor control, and grit washing and dewatering.
  • Replacing the four 75-horsepower aerators with new 125-horsepower aerators.
  • New clarifier flow splitter box.
  • New 100-foot-diameter secondary clarifier.
  • New return sludge pumping station.
  • New filter lift station pumping station.
  • Two additional 500-square-foot Tetra denitrification filter cells with a 6-foot media depth.
  • New effluent flow measurement system. Diffused aeration for Digester Nos. 1 and 2.
  • Designing an Operations Building annex to provide an additional office and records storage area.
  • Remodeling the interior of the existing Operations Building for additional laboratory space.
  • Installation of bio-filtration odor control system for WWTP headworks.
  • Renewing the Domestic Wastewater Facility Permit in 2003 and 2010.

The reclaimed water reuse system project included developing a reclaimed water reuse system master plan and updating a reuse feasibility study, evaluating and presenting the expansion program, preliminary engineering of expansion facilities, supporting the facility permit application, and providing the basis of a proposal for South West Florida Water Management District funding. Jones Edmunds prepared a plan to expand a reuse system that we had designed for the City. This proposed expansion involved constructing pumping facilities at the ground storage tank and a transmission line to the south and east to serve large agricultural areas (tomatoes, citrus, and nurseries). Jones Edmunds has also prepared SWFWMD grant applications for the project and helped the City negotiate the option agreement with El Paso Corporation for the Corporation’s proposed use of reclaimed water for cooling water.

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