Sarasota County Water and Wastewater Data Migration

Project Description

Jones Edmunds updated the Sarasota County Wastewater GIS network by performing a comprehensive review of existing GIS data against scanned and rectified as-built documents, which included 208 record sets consisting of 1,484 sheets. Utility assets mapped during this effort include:

  • 3,700+ water meters
  • 500+ fire hydrants
  • 90 miles of water distribution and transmission lines
  • 375+ manholes
  • 35+ lift stations and vacuum pumps
  • 18+ miles of force main and vacuum sewer lines
  • 587+ reclaimed water meters
  • 24+ miles of reclaimed water lines

Our efforts also included migrating the underlying wastewater data from as-built documents (scanned TIFFs) into the County’s existing geodatabase. In addition, we spatially adjusting the scanned as-builts provided by the County and digitizing relevant utility data into the geodatabase.

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