St. Johns County Wetland and TMDL Feasibility Study

Project Description

Jones Edmunds is analyzing properties in the southwest part of St. Johns County with the goal of identifying parcels that are potential land acquisition opportunities. The feasibility study is identifying sites that serve multiple goals and are economically advantageous. The opportunities identified at each site are prioritized based on their potential role in mitigating water-quality issues related to the County’s Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Basin Management Action Plan (BMAP) for the Lower St. Johns River as well as the wetland mitigation opportunities. Many of the sites identified have the potential for restoring historical floodplain wetlands in existing sod farms or for creating wetlands. For instance, the Masters site which St. Johns County will purchase from SJRWMD, will help achieve the County’s BMAP nutrient-reduction goals, provide fill for other County capital projects, and serve as a regional offsite wetland mitigation area. This will be accomplished by restoring former Deep Creek floodplain wetlands, creating new wetlands, and enhancing uplands as well as designing, obtaining permitting for, and constructing a regional stormwater treatment facility that treats agricultural runoff before outfalling to Deep Creek (with a removed cost much lower than other alternatives).

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