Hillsborough River and Tampa Bypass Canal Watershed Management Plan Update

Hillsborough County

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Jones Edmunds used advanced modeling techniques to simulate the Tampa Bypass Canal System to improve the quality of the model’s results and potentially expand the model’s uses.


Jones Edmunds worked with Hillsborough County to update the Hillsborough River Watershed Masterplan to incorporate changes that have occurred since the earlier master plan. Originating in the Green Swamp, the river drains over 240 square miles and generally runs west then south before discharging to Tampa Bay. The Tampa Bypass Canal System is a complex system of canals and structures that diverts water from the Hillsborough River to prevent flooding. The Hillsborough River/Tampa Bypass Canal project consisted of the traditional WMP elements – Digital Topographic Information, Watershed Evaluation, and Watershed Management Plan – as well as best management practices to reduce flooding and improve water quality.

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