Brian Rosenfeld, MS, GISP

GIS Systems Analyst
Brian specializes in implementing and managing geographic information system (GIS) and asset management solutions. He has experience with geodatabase design, ArcGIS Enterprise implementations, performing imagery and GIS data analysis, field data collection, and global positioning system (GPS) mapping. His latest focus is on analyzing asset management system data for key performance indicators, asset lifecycle management, and return on investment of asset management software.
Master of Science, Natural Resources Management, North Carolina State University
Bachelor of Science, Forest Resources Management, University of Florida

Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority (FKAA), Cityworks Implementation

St. Johns County, Asset Management and Data Analytics

Pinellas County, Stormwater Utility GIS Support (2013–2021)

Destin Water Users, Cityworks Implementation

Pinellas County Utilities (PCU) GIS Support, Cityworks Vertical Assets for Esri (Environmental Systems Research Institute) Indoors

Fun FactBrian is also known as a "foodie.” He knows where all the best places to eat in Florida are.