Rick Ferreira, PE

President and Chief Executive Officer
Rick Ferreira has progressive design experience in site planning, geometric design, paving and drainage, water and sewer design, airfield improvements, intermodal rail design, port planning and design, as well as a comprehensive background in horizontal construction administration and certification procedures. He has extensive knowledge of environmental permitting processes including master stormwater plans, water use permits, dredge and fill permits, wetlands mitigation, and local and state site-permitting criteria. His many projects demonstrate his expertise in the planning, design, and management of major engineering endeavors for both the public and private sector.
Bachelor of Science, Physics, Jacksonville University
Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, University of Florida

Fun Facts

Rick is a 7th generation Floridian. Francisco Lorenzo Ferreira (Juan Bautista’s father) was the first of his family born in St. Augustine in 1791.