Associates Attend This Year’s SWANA FL Summer Conference

The Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA), Florida Chapter, hosts conferences and events throughout the year providing members and other industry professionals the opportunity to meet with peers, share ideas and discuss solutions. This year, Ken Vogel, Troy Hays, Tobin McKnight, Carol Sawyer, Alan Altman, and Mark Nelson represented Jones Edmunds at the two-day SWANA FL Summer Conference.

“Attending the annual SWANA summer conference is a great way for us to meet with many of our Solid Waste clients in a relaxed atmosphere. Building these relationships with our clients is key to the success of our practice,” said Tobin.

Tobin moderated a session on the “Benefits of Remote Monitoring Solutions for Landfill Operations,” and Mark co-hosted a session on “Using an Asset Management System to Optimize Your Operation and Maintenance Practices” with Joel Woolsey. Joel worked for Jones Edmunds for 24 years before joining the New River Solid Waste Association (NRSWA) last year, where now he serves as one of our client contacts for NRSWA.

Jones Edmunds also served as a conference sponsor and exhibitor, meeting with clients and peers from all over the state.